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National & International Prayer Calendars at bottom of the page.  Also the 2020 Registration form.

Upcoming Events

Sat 31 August
Post Walks Gathering 5:00pm
followed by a shared meal 6:30pm
Woodville Uniting Church,
44 Woodville Rd., Woodville
Sat 21 Sept
Country Gathering  5:00pm
followed by a shared meal 6:30pm
Kadina Uniting Church
59 Taylor St, Kadina
Fri 25 Oct
8:00pm Gathering with Board nominations
Meadows Uniting Church
81 Mawson Rd, Meadows

Can you help other National & International Emmaus communities with their Prayer Calendars in date order?

North Queensland Ccmmunity, Qld Aust.    Men’s Walk #44  (15-18 Aug)    Women’s Walk #45  (22-25 Aug) 
Brisbane North Coast Emmaus, Qld Aust.  Men’s Walk #103 (15 – 18 Aug)    Women’s Walk #104 (22 – 25 Aug) 
Great Southern (WA)    Men’s Walk #33  15-18 Aug    Women’s Walk #34  (22-25 Aug)
Sonflower Emmaus Community, South Africa   Mens Walk #79  (22-25 Aug)    Womens Walk #70  (29Aug-1Sept)  [ 7:30 hours ahead of South Aust. ]
Central Alabama, Dadeville, Alabama USA   Womens  Walk  (3-6 Oct)   [ 14:30 hrs behind South Aust. ]

2020 Emmaus Walk Registration form
What Happens on a Walk To Emmaus?

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