Police Check


If you need to apply for a Working With Children Check (WWCC), Probity Check (if working with money) or a Working with Vulnerable People Check, please see below.

Click the link below and complete the application process, which will request the Synod SA to submit a screening application to the SA Government, Department of Human Services (DHS)>

DHS will send an email with a link. Activate your account and then provide your relevant personal information (this will include a 100 point identification check requiring a valid Passport AND Driver’s licence. If you don’t have both, see below.


A new window will open up

If you need some help, see the Help File at the bottom of this page.

“What if I don’t have a valid Passport or Driver’s Licence?”
You CAN still apply on-line, even if you don’t have a Passport and Driver’s licence.
Complete steps 1 and 2, as listed above.
Enter in all your information in the DHS site, but when requested to provide the 100 pt check info, select “Requesting Organisation“, (which means the Uniting Church).
Your information will be held by DHS, until you have completed the printed 100pt check form with Mostyn and it will then be sent off to DHS for final approval.
Click here for a list of valid documents to gain ‘100 pts of ID’ to show Mostyn.

If you have queries, or if you don’t have access to a computer / e-mail address, please contact the congregational Safe Church Liaison Person, Mostyn.

Click on the four-way arrows to make the Help-File full-screen