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  1. Waiting for the Lord patiently 15Mar20 Rev Richard Banham 10am 17:33
  2. Calling the Corrupt Rich to Account 08Mar20 Rev Richard Banham 10am 30:59
  3. The Prayer of the Righteous 01Mar20 Rev Richard Banham 10am 32:15
  4. The Dangers of Worldliness 16Feb20 Rev Richard Banham 23:12
  5. Wisdom from above 09Feb20 Rev Richard Banham 31:32
  6. Danger of the Tongue 02Feb20 Rev Richard Banham 31:26
  7. Faith Without Works Is Dead 26Jan20 Raelene Watts 21:55
  8. Show No Favourtism 19Jan20 Rev Richard Banham 20:12
On-line live-streamed Church services at other Generate Presbytery sites
Seeds Uniting  9:00 & 10:45am, 6;00pm  Sunday
Hope Valley 10:00am Sunday
Journey Church 10:00am & 6:00pm Mitcham Hills 10:00am Sunday
Mitcham Hills  10:15am Sunday
Encounter Church  www.encounteradelaide.online.church. 4:00pm Sunday